add a printer on Mac

How to add a printer on Mac – 4 secure methods 

Want to use printers on Mac but need to learn how to add a printer on Mac, no worries, here is the detailed guide regarding the usage of printers on the Mac. Various methods for connecting Printers to the Mac are easy-peasy in the house. So move towards these methods:

add a printer on Mac

Adding A Printer to Mac

Look at the steps that you’ve to follow to connect the printer to the MacBook:

  • Via Bluetooth 
  • Via Wi-Fi 
  • Via app 
  • Using Bluetooth

Via Bluetooth 

The fast and furious process of add a printer on Mac is through Bluetooth. The steps involved in this process are:

  • Put on the Bluetooth on your MacBook.
  • Now move to the ‘Apple menu’.
  • Here, hit the ‘system setting’ button. 
  • Here find the option of ‘printer and scanner’
  • After this, an option for the printer, scanner, and fax will appear, and you must click the ‘printer’ button.
  • At this point, a list of nearby printers will display, and you’ve to select your targeted printer.

Via Wi-Fi 

The most popular method for connecting printers to any device is through Wi-Fi. In this method, you’ve to go through these steps:

  • First, turn on your Mac’s Wi-Fi and then connect your printer to this same Wi-Fi.
  • After that, move to the ‘settings tab’ of your MacBook.
  • Here, search for the ‘printers & scanners’ button.
  • A page regarding available printers will appear, find your printer here and click on it.
  • If you’ve not found your printer name here, then simply add your printer and then connect it to the macOS.

Via App

Another way to build a connection between the printer and the Mac is through the app. Now see the further procedure:

  • Search for the ‘self-service’ app in your system.
  • Now select the ‘print’ menu.
  • If you cannot find the app, manually install it and then activate it.

Using Bluetooth 

It’s the simple process of adding a printer to the Mac using Bluetooth. This process involves a few easy steps

  • First and foremost, ensure that your printer has a USB connection, if yes, then plug your printer USB into your MacBook.
  • After the connection, hit the ‘apple icon’.
  • Then discover the ‘system preferences’ toggle.
  • And here move to the ‘printers & scanners’ page.
  • After this, a list of available printers will be displayed, and find your printer here.
  • If your printer is unavailable in this list, manually add it by clicking on the ‘+’ icon.

How To Delete Printers From Mac

Users have to delete the printer from their Mac for many reasons, one is for safety and to save energy. Deleting a printer from a Mac is not a lot more challenging, it’s just the reverse process of adding printers to the Mac. You just have to follow these steps:

  • Firstly, find the ‘Apple icon’ on your Mac, desktop, or Windows.
  • Now search for ‘system preferences’.
  • Here, hit the ‘printers and scanners’ button.
  • A record of accessible printers and the connected printers will be displayed. 
  • Click on your printer name and hit the ‘-’ minus sign.
  • Then the confirmation message will appear, which is usually about (are you sure you want to remove the Printer), then click ‘Yes’.
  • Now the printer is finally removed from your device.

How To Manage Printers On Mac

Users have to manage printers for many reasons, that’s why here is a detailed guide for managing printers on the Mac.

  • First, hit the ‘Apple icon’ on your Mac screen. 
  • Then move to the ‘apple menu’ page.
  • Select the ‘system preferences’ election here.
  • A page regarding preferences appears, usually, it contains printers & scanners, scanners, fax, and some other choices.
  • Here you have ‘printers & scanners’ preference.
  • Then hit ‘OK’.

How To Share Printer On A Mac

Sharing a printer on a Mac requires you to follow the given steps:

  • First, turn on your Mac and go to the ‘apple menu’ by clicking the ‘apple icon.
  • A sidebar will appear here, and you must select the ‘general’ option.
  • At this step, choose the ‘sharing’ button that will also display in the right sidebar.
  • Now hit the ‘print sharing’ button’.
  • After that, choose the printer (that you want to share) wisely, from the displayed list.
  • Now share your printer by clicking on the ‘+’ plus icon.

FAQS – Frequently Asked Questions


Now adding a printer on the Mac is as easy as pie by following the above guides. This guide can also work for the MacBook, Chromebook, macOS, and other Apple devices. Additionally, it is out of the harm to use printers on the Mac and doesn’t harm your device. Likewise, here is another site that covers all the Apple and printer guides for free. 

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