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What is a color laser printer – Detailed Overview 2024

Let’s discuss color laser printers, but first thing first, know what is a colour laser printer. So it’s simply, a type of laser printer that is used for printing color copies in a well-organized manner. Likewise, laser printers, printers also use laser beams to generate an electrostatic image on a drum, then by combining the toner and heat this image moves to the paper and an accurate print will be generated. 

color laser printer

Uses Of Color Laser Printers 

Now step into the uses

  • Professional printing 
  • Large prints 
  • Long-lasting Toner cartridges 

Professional Printing 

Color laser printers are widely used in offices and organizations for generating a professional print quickly. These printers can be used for marketing, generating letters, reports, and other documents. Moreover, this printer makes a light work for masterly printing. 

Large Prints 

This type of laser printer is best for generating large prints quickly. The large prints are mostly used by engineers to create large-size printing. Besides these, this printer is also suitable for printing color banners and charts easily.

Long-Lasting Toner Cartridges 

If you want to make unlimited prints per day without placing the cartridges frequently, then these toner cartridges from laser printers are the best choice for you. These printers allow users to generate numerous prints without changing cartridges daily. 

Best Color Laser Printers Along Prices 

Printers are considered to be best when they have high printing quality, fast printing speed, and are less energy-consuming. Now move forward to the best laser color printers. The topmost laser printers that are perfect for masterly printing along with prices are given here: 

Top Color Laser Printers Prices 
Brother MFC-L3780CDW $499.98 
Brother MFC-L9570CDW$897.00
Brother HL-L2460DW$159.99
Brother HL-L6400DW$795.00
Brother HL-L9310CDW$630.90
Brother MFC-L5915DW$642.59
Canon Image Class MF455DW$475.00
Canon Colour Image Class LBP664CDW$1,458.58
HP Colour LaserJet Enterprise MFP M480F$989.00

Advantages Of Color Laser Printers 

The benefits of laser printers are here:

  • Cost-effective 
  • Printing quality 
  • Fast speed 
  • User-friendly 


These laser printers are cost-effective. Anyone can buy these printers at a reasonable price, and their sales also offer many discounts. The price is nothing among its high-quality functionalities that you cannot imagine. 

Printing Quality of color laser printer

Its printing quality is much higher than other printers due to its high resolution. The resolution of color laser printers is between 600 and 1200 dpi

Fast Speed 

The speed between laser and inkjet printers, laser printers is higher than inkjet and other printers. Its normal printing speed is from 100 pages to 6,000 pages per minute (PPM). Epson Workforce Enterprise WF-C20590 is considered to be the fastest printer ever. This printer is also famous for its multifunctional features. 


Color laser printers are like a piece of cake to use. The reason is that it provides a complete guide for new users and besides this, it is manufactured in such a way that it is easy to handle and make prints. 

Disadvantages Of Color Laser Printers 

Cons of color laser printers are here:

  • Heavy and large-size 
  • Noise 
  • Energy consumption 

Heavy And Large-Size 

The biggest disadvantage of color laser printers is that it is difficult to handle and heavyweight due to their large size. These printers are specifically made for performing large printing, which is why they are tough to handle by individuals. 


As all the printers create a little bit of noise during the printing process, in the same way, the laser printers also make noise. As we know, these printers are for large work, that’s why they create a little bit higher noise that creates irritations. 

Energy Consumption 

Due to their large size, these printers consume a lot of energy for printing. Another reason for much energy consumption is their printing speed because more energy is required for a large amount of printing per minute. 

Do Color Laser Printers Print White ?

Of course, color laser printers print in white color. The reason is that these printers are specifically made for printing colorful pages and documents. But remember that these color printers print white only on color pages and on the pages that are specially made for white printing. Likewise, there’s a special white ink that is used for this purpose. 

Besides the white color printing, these printers also print in various other colors efficiently. Here are the famous printing colors used by color laser printers:

Colors Used By The Color Laser Printers 

  1. Cyan 
  2. Yellow 
  3. Black 
  4. Magnetta 

Do Color Laser Printers Print Images?

Yeah! These printers print in black, white, and other colors. You can use these printers for printing color images, documents, and banners easily. The image’s size and quality may vary, and you can change this quality and size as per requirements. Moreover, these printers use a special kind of paper for printing images that look professional. 

Can Printers Print Card Stock?

Not all printers are built for printing card stock, but there are specific printers that are specially built for this purpose. The laser printers and inkjet printers are specially built for printing card stock efficiently. HP OfficeJet Pro printer proves to be the best printer that prints on card stock easily. 

Double Sided Printing 

Likewise, card stock, not all printers print double-sided but the only and only one printer named the laser printer has this feature. Color laser printers (type of laser printers) also offer this feature that makes it more demanding than other printers. 

color laser printer

FAQS – Frequently asked questions


In the end, we can say that color laser printers are the greatest choice for large and small businesses. However, these printers are a little bit expensive but also offer a variety of functionalities in a single printer. Before buying the laser printers must have a look at the color laser printers that are cost-effective, multifunctional, environmentally friendly, and double side printers. 

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