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How do you dispose of old printers? – safely and properly 

To get rid of old or useless printers, learn how to dispose of old printers. The best ways to clear out old printers are to re-sell them, recycle them for environmental benefit, or donate them to charity or educational institutions. You can choose any of these attempts to dispose of your printers.

How do you dispose of old printers? - safely and properly 

 Disposing Old Printers

Here is the complete guide for disposing of old printers that you should know.

  • Recycle 
  • Re-sell 
  • Donate 
  • Trade-in


The best thing is to recycle the old printers. You can give that printer to E-waste collection centers, buyers of old items, or manufacturers for free or at the cheapest price. These centers then create new items of recycling that are good for the environment instead of throwing these printers in the rubbish. 


You can sell the items and materials or the complete printer to shop or other buyers. There are also options for selling these printers on the online trade center or social network. Likewise, you can set your demand price because the printers have become expensive over time. 


Another good practice is to donate your unused or old printers to academic places, and donation centers. Likewise, if you have a deserving family member or friend, then you can also gift these printers to them. Some institutions collect donations of such items, find these places, and donate your old printers to them.


Some people buy the new printers at discounted prices and then sell these printers at a profit. You can also adopt this scheme for your unboxed or less used printers to save little profit.

Canon Printers Recycling

Many recycling programs allow the recycling of Canon printers. These programs are best for selling old printers at the best rates. The finest thing about the Canon printer’s recycling programs is that they allow the recycling of all the printer’s materials separately or by combining. 

You can sell the Canon ink cartridges, batteries, and other materials separately if any of them become useless or old instead of recycling or selling the whole printer. Instead of the large companies, some offices and shops also allow the recycling of old Canon printers. You can find nearby offices or shops and sell your printers there.

Hp Printer Recycling

Likewise, canon printers are also separate marketplaces for re-selling or recycling old HP printers. HP companies also have some branches for recycling printers, you can simply contact them and get rid of your old HP printers. Finding your nearby HP printer recycling office is best for selling printers instead of selling on other marketplaces. 

Some buyback programs offer this facility. However, Epson and Xerox also suggest recycling programs for users’ ease. Before recycling must ensure that your ink cartridges are empty so that it may help reduce energy and cut down waste. 

Signs Of Old Printers

There are many signs that your printer is old and needs recycling. Some of these signs are as follows:

  • Poor Print Quality 
  • Expired Warranty 
  • Slow speed
  • Paper duration 

Poor Print Quality 

One of the biggest signs to know that your printer is out of date is its poor printing quality. This means that the print is not the desired one or the ink is spread out, making the page rough. 

Expired Warranty 

Each printer offers a warranty card which you can use to complain about any problem with the printer within the given duration. If your warranty expires, it means that the printer is old. After the warranty period, you’ll not be able to complain about any error regarding the printer and at last, you’ll have to replace this printer with a new one.

Slow Speed 

When the printer gets old, it starts making mistakes, and the slow speed is one of them. Usually, printing speed per page is mentioned on the printer guide page, which lets you know about your printer’s condition.

Paper Duration 

Usually, all the printers are compatible and work smoothly with all types of paper. But if your printed paper starts damaging early, it means that your printer is getting older. Mostly the paper remains, but the ink is removed from the paper, which is very annoying. 

So, if you find any of the above signs in your printer, then replace or recycle your printer as soon as possible. The reason is that there are rare chances of getting the printer’s quality back after repair. However, in most cases, the parts of printers are very hard to find in a specific location, so the solution is to just get rid of them. 

FAQS – Frequently Asked Questions


Old and useless printers must be deposited or reprocessed instead of throwing them. Many companies take the old printers at half price, you can sell your printer there.  Likewise, there are repair options for old printers which you can use for converting your printer to a new condition. For selling or taking a guide regarding your old printers, you can also visit a business site. 

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