Laser vs inkjet printers – which printer is best for you in 2024

The main difference between Laser and inkjet printers is their cost and working. Laser printers are cost-effective whereas the inkjets are expensive, but both are affordable to buy. Likewise, when we see the functionalities of these printers, then both are good for printing text and images quickly.

Now step into the major differences between Laser vs inkjet printers :

Laser Vs Inkjet Printers – Which One Is Better?

Laser Printers 

Laser printers

See the working and functionalities of laser printers: 


Before diving deep into the laser printers, briefly overview their usage. This printer is used for printing large files of text and images using laser beams, electric energy, and the xerographic printing process. Large companies widely use these printers because they are best for printing numerous pages and documents per minute. 


These printers use electricity, take printing data from the computer, and use drum and fuse toner to produce heat so the text prints on the paper efficiently and the high-quality printout is ready. Moreover, you’ll be amazed that this single Color Laser Printer is also best for copying, faxing, and scanning along with other printing properties. 


While purchasing any printer, price matters after it functions, so the price of laser printers is much lower than other printers. Its price is nothing in front of its number of features, including speed, efficiency, and no splatter functioning. The exact price of these printers is here:

Laser Printers$50 to $100

Toner Cartridge 

It’s premium to know that laser printers don’t use ink for printing. However, it uses a toner powder for printing clear and clean text and documents. Toner cartridge is the second name for laser toner, and it uses carbon, colors, and plastic particles that transform into paper and make a perfect print. Moreover, these cartridges can be easily recycled and eco-friendly. 

Toner Cartridge $30 to $40 

Best Laser Printer 

Although all laser printers are best for printing, the IBM 3800 and Brother MFCL2710Dw prove to be the best laser printers. These are sold like hotcakes nowadays because of their more efficient outputs.  

Pros Of Laser Printers 

  • No splatters 
  • Double-sided printing 
  • Multifunctional 
  • A large number of printings in a minute 
  • Large memory 

Cons Of Laser Printers 

  • Not best for printing color images 
  • Consumes much energy 
  • Large and heavy 
  • Risk of fire hazards 
  • Blockage of nozzles  

Inkjet Printers 

Detailed working and functioning guide of inkjet printers is as follows:

inkjet printers vs laser printers


These printers are the best thing since sliced bread for individual and personal use. The reason is that they give an output of small pages per minute. You can also call them home printers due to their small size and small output. 


These printers print images by spraying tiny dots of ink through a nozzle, and the estimated size of this nozzle is 10 micrometers. The inkjet printer is best for creating colorful images, documents, and pages because it produces high-resolution results quickly. 


Inkjet printers are somehow expensive because they give limited results per minute and are not perfect for large work. But these printers are to sell like a hot cake due to their unbeatable results. So let’s move to the pricing of the inkjet printers:

Inkjet Printers $84 to $150 

Ink Cartridge 

As shown by the name of inkjet printers it uses an ink cartridge for generating the best images. These ink cartridges are used for filling ink and then spraying through nozzles to make the perfect resolution of images as well as colorful and B/W text. The thing to remember is all the computers have specific ink cartridges for unique working. 

Ink Cartridge $20 to $40 

Best Inkjet Printer

Canon Maxify GX5020 is known as the best inkjet printer among other printers. It is cost-effective and efficient for fast printing.

Pros Of Inkjet Printers 

Plus points of such printers are here:

  • Best for printing color pictures 
  • Reliable and sustainable
  • Ink compatibility  
  • Low power consumption 

Cons Of Inkjet Printers 

Minus points of such printers are given:

  • High cost 
  • Low printing speed 
  • Low print quality 
  • Not efficient for printing text and documents 

Speed Of Laser vs inkjet printers 

The speed of both printers may vary from printer to printer and the types of printers. But the estimated value of inkjet printers speed is 16 PMM daily and no more than 100 PMM for monthly.

Likewise, the laser printer’s speed is between 15 and 100 PMM per day and less than 3000 PMM per month. So while purchasing any of these printers must ask about their printing speed and choose wisely. 

So in Laser vs inkjet printers, laser printers are much faster than inkjet and are also the best in quality outcomes. 

Resolution Of Laser vs inkjet printers

Likewise, the printing speed and the resolution of both printers are also different from each other. The inkjet printers have a resolution of 300 to 700 dpi, whereas the resolution of laser printers is from 600 to 2400 dpi. This is the best thing that printers have high resolution, but remember that high resolution makes the printing speed slow. 

FAQS – Frequently asked questions


The slight difference between Laser vs inkjet printers is that; laser printers are best for copying text and inkjet printers are best for copying images. Likewise, both printers are best for high-resolution text and image printing at a reasonable price. You can also check their prices and functionalities online or at the nearby shop. For a comprehensive guide, you can visit the printer’s comparison site. 

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